Find Your Previous Water Bills

City residents have been encouraged to make estimated water bill payments even though they are not getting any bills right now. This will be a headache for residents who don’t keep past bills and a potential hardship for families living paycheck to paycheck.

The Mayor’s job is to make life easier for city residents, not harder. In that spirit, our team has developed a tool that uses public data collected over the past six months to provide residents with their prior bills and help them better budget and make estimates for payments. Currently residents cannot access past statements through City Hall because local leaders failed to back up this critical data.

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*While there is bill information for over 200,000 city addresses, not all addresses are available. This database was derived from public data released by City Hall up until the ransomware attack. If you cannot find your past bills using this tool, we may be able to recover them based on your account number. Please use the link below to contact us. Thiru for Baltimore does not collect any personal identifiable information in our log files.

Baltimore H2O Assists

The Baltimore H20 Assists program for low-income families was supposed to start on July 1, 2019. Unfortunately it has been delayed, and residents have to go in person to get an application because the form was not made available online. To make things easier, we have posted online the downloadable form. You can complete it, print and sign it, and mail it to: Department of Public Works, 200 Holliday Street, Room 8, Baltimore, MD 21202.

City leaders have not said when they will start processing applications. While we wait, we hope these resources help.

You can find information about program requirement here. City leaders have not said when they will start processing applications.

Download the Application

Share Your Water Story

For years Baltimore residents have been fed up and frustrated with pipe breaks, high water bills, water leaks, and improper shutoffs. We would like to hear your story so we better understand the scope of the problem, as well as any ideas you have for how to fix it.

Send your story or questions to Please include if we’re free to share your story or whether you’d prefer to keep it confidential.

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